Angels’ Village

ANGELS’ VILLAGE is An integral project for the Education, Empowerment and Rehabilitation of the Intellectually Challenged.

The concept of Angels’ Village is to intervene in the life of the differently able from the Womb to the Tomb. The project attempts to understand and nurture the diversity of the person and offer opportunities for integrating the differently able into the mainstream of society wherein they will feel capable, loved and wanted. For carrying on this project, the society has acquired 7 acres of land for Angels’ Village. To give them education, training and rehabilitation opportunities so that they can lead as meaningful a life as their ability will provide. The early detection and intervention for the individual in proper time which is very important for mentally challenged.

Asha Nilayam

Asha Nilayam School for mentally challenged children was started in 1979. In 1986 a new building was constructed for the school at Ponkunnam. Now there are 210 mentally challenged children in this school. There are 48 teaching and non-teaching staff. 65 students, both boys and girls separately, are staying in the two boarding houses called Asha Home and Asha Kiran.

    Unique features of Asha Nilayam
  • Following Kerala State Syllabus
  • Classes divided according to age / skill of the student
  • Extra-curricular activities – coaching for IT,PT, Band, Dance, Music, Art, Crafts, Tailoring, Cooking, and Yoga.
  • Day Care Centre, Play school, Special Training for Autistic children
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physio Therapy
Asha Nilayam has a dedicated team comprising of
  • Trained and specialized teachers & non-teaching staff
  • Counsellors
  • Therapists
  • Doctors
  • Sensory Integration Facilities
  • Para-medical staff cares for the holistic development and well being of the children.
  • Medical camps
  • Support of social Workers
  • Support of Psychiatrists
  • A new school building with 40,000 sq ft. of built-up area.
  • Designed with ramp and lifts facilities
  • User friendly
  • Therapy rooms
  • sensory integration facilities
  • Sensory garden
  • Swimming Pool
Asha Kiran – Boarding Home for Boys

Asha Kiran is a boarding for the boys who are students in Asha Nilayam Special School. At present, we are caring for 45 boys of different ages in this facility. Special attention is given to the overall health of the children. Nutritive food along with frequent and periodic medical check-ups and medicine, physiotherapy, and other training programs are given to the children to help them live very normal lives.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The children are given sufficient exposure in cultural activities and sports. Such activities increase their social skills and give them the confidence to face life. We are also providing training in

  • Candle making
  • Non woven carry bags
  • Paper bag manufacture
  • Envelop making.
Need of the Project

Many children from far off places in Kerala State are studying in Asha Nilayam Special School. The children often have to travel long hours to get to school from their homes. This is adversely affecting the children’s mental and physical health, affecting their capability to undergo the training properly. The boarding will have a floor area of 15,000 sq ft and will be user friendly for all ages and categories of children.

Ashwas – Vocational Training Centre

We are not able to maintain the students in this school after the age of 18, due to physiological and psychological reasons. At the same time they do not have the social skills and dexterity to survive unaided in society. If they were left alone, they would be in danger of being molested, exploited or abused. Their families are also not able to take care of them due to financial constraints. Hence, we need to provide additional vocational training facilities.

The training classes for

Conducted in Ashwas Vocational Training Centre. The practical application of the training will be in the field.

  • Animal husbandry
  • Horticulture
  • Agriculture practices
Vocational training is given for
  • Making candles
  • Paper envelopes
  • Paper carry bags
  • Eco-friendly handicrafts
  • Sculpture
  • Screen printing
  • Spiral binding
  • Ornaments making
  • Clay modeling
  • Tailoring
  • Cooking
  • Manufacture of soaps, cleaning lotions and detergents, dish wash, hand wash, toilet cleaners etc.
We Farm School

This is a farm school for differently abled above the age of 18 years. The youth are trained in

  • Vegetable and horticultural garden.
  • Agricultural practices.
Animal Husbandry Program

This is an integral part of the rehabilitation and empowerment activities. The youth will be trained in

  • Animal husbandry,
  • Goat rearing,
  • Poultry farming,
  • Rabbit rearing etc.
Giving training to the students to produce and sell
  • Curry powder condiments
  • Chilly powder
  • Methi powder
  • Fenugreek powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Curry masala
  • Chutney powder
  • Different type of pickles
  • Rice powder
  • Wheat powder
  • Rice balls etc.
Asha Nikethan

Asha Nikethan is a long term care facility for children to be cared for in special situation wherein their parents are no more or the parents are sick or the abandoned. We set up an institution with a very homely atmosphere to accommodate about 50 people. The residents will have the benefit of all the facilities of the Special School, therapies, vocational training activities etc.

Angels’ Home for Children with Parents

Angels’ Home is a facility provided for the parents of differently abled children who wants to continue along with their children to the end of their life.This project is a viable alternative to stay with the children and given them as much emotional and physical support and attentions as they can, in order to have a safe and secure place for their children’s future.