Asha Nilayam

Special School For Intellectually Challanged

Children with special needs are given different ways of education and training opportunities. So that they can lead a meaningfull life as their ability will provide. Early detection and intervention for the individual in proper time, which is very important to them. Orientation for parents about how to care and educate differently abled children. Educating the children according to the curriculum of Kerala Government. Appropriate therapies, toilet and grooming training, life skill training, extra curricular activities like music, band, dance, yoga, computer, art and craft, pre vocational training etc. Thus improving skills and talents through training to help the children become self – reliant and thus integrate them into family and society.

Asha Band Set is the big asset of Asha Nilayam started in 2002.
Asha Nilayam has a dedicated team comprising of

Ashanilayam Special School for differently abled children (Intellectually challenged, Autism, Cerebral palsy and Multiple disability) was started in 1979 at Ponkunnam now we have 218 children and 47 staff at Ashanilayam Special School.

  • Trained and specialized teachers & non-teaching staff
  • Counselors
  • Therapists
  • Doctors
  • Sensory Integration Facilities
  • Para-medical staff cares for the holistic development and well being
  • Medical camps
  • Support of social Workers
  • Support of Psychiatrist

Address: Ashanilayam special school,
Vazhoor, Ponkunnam

Ph: +91 79029 69102,