From the very initiation of Diocese of Kanjiraplly in 1977 it has been working for the upliftment of poor and downtrodden people through its charitable interventions.

The diocese made its first attempt to bring disabled persons to the mainstream of the society with the establishment of Asha Nilayam Special School for Mentally Challenged Children at Ponkunnam in 1979. Later in course of time, there occurred significant contributions for the benefits of persons with various disabilities, old age, abandoned children, unwedded mothers and education of poor children. For almost three decades there emerged mental health institutions, old age homes, special schools, home for children and women and so on. “WE CARE CENTRE” is a mother organization to manage the functioning of various charitable initiatives of diocese. Thus in the year 2005 the like-minded people planned to form and register the society under the societies registration act 1955.


‘WE CARE CENTRE’ is committed to uplifting the poor, the downtrodden, the differently-abled, the forsaken and the abandoned by providing physical, psychological, economic and social support to ensure that men and women enjoy basic dignity as human beings and can gradually integrate into the mainstream of society.

Our Vision

To help the helpless, enhance the dignity of the underprivileged.

Managing board

A general body consist of 9 members manages the activities of We Care Centre.

Mar Jose Pulickal

Bishop, Diocese of Kanjirappally

Rev. Fr Roy Vadakkel

Director of We-Care Centre


Co-Director of We-Care

    Our Objectives
  • To care for orphans, the destitute and the rejects of society, irrespective of caste, creed or ideology
  • To protect and care for the physically/mentally challenged.
  • To provide a home to the homeless.
  • To provide palliative care to the bedridden.
  • To provide scholarships for education
  • To assist the differently abled people to enjoy a dignified life
  • To provide financial assistance for medical treatment and marriage.
  • To promote Pro-life programs.
  • To empower women and children through age/gender appropriate programs.
  • To help the most deprived strata of society to achieve socio-economic independence through tailor made programs.
  • To provide timely awareness and orientation on relevant subjects.
  • To promote programs to enhance the dignity of human life.
    Our Strategy

    WE CARE CENTRE undertakes right based programs with participatory program planning methods. The organization facilitates actions;

  • Pro-life
  • Pro-poor
  • Pro-women
  • Pro-child
  • Pro-health
  • Pro-nature

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