Boarding facility for mentally challenged boys

A Boarding for Boys

Now the boarding is being run in a small house. All these children are from financially challenged families which are not properly support the needs of these children with special needs. Hence, it is our responsibility to stand for their welfare and empowerment. Special attention is given to the overall health of the children. Nutritive food along with frequent and periodic medical check-ups and medicine, physiotherapy, and other training programs are given to the children to help them live very normal lives.

Extra-Curricular Activities: The children are given sufficient exposure in cultural activities and sports. Such activities increases their social skills and gives them the confidence to face life. Moreover, they are given training in candle making, paper bag manufacturing and envelop making. Now many children from far off places in Kerala state are studying in Ashanilayam special school. Moreover, even in the peripheral areas, the children often have to travel long hours to get to the school from their homes. This is adversely affecting the children's mental and physical health and affecting their capability to undergo the training properly, hence, the need to provide adequate boarding facilities to accommodate boy students.

Asha Kiran is a boarding for the boys who are students in Ashanilayam Special School. At present, we are caring for 45 boys of different ages in this facility